Te Tai Tokerau Water

By harvesting overland water flows in times of plenty and storing it in reservoirs, the Trust aims to make this valuable resource, which would otherwise simply flow to the sea, available for use when it is needed most in the drier months. This stored water would then be distributed under pressure through a network of underground pipes to users.

The intention is to supply sufficient water to irrigate approximately 3000ha of land around Kaikohe in the Mid North and up to 4000ha on the Pouto peninsula in Kaipara.


Avocado development in the Far North.

Landowners within reach of the schemes can connect to this supply at the farm gate but will need to provide the on-farm infrastructure required to use the water.

While the Trust will build the infrastructure required to make the schemes operational, it is envisioned that the ownership and management of them will transfer to the water users themselves utilising co-operative principles. Separate water companies are being set up for each scheme area for this purpose.

Users will need to invest in the schemes by buying shares from the Trust to gain access to the water.

You can register you interest in either scheme on the Kaipara and Mid North tabs on this site.

The schemes are primarily being developed to encourage the transition to higher value horticultural land use, as well as to supplement local town water supplies. Non-commercial uses such as stock drinking water will also be considered.

The Trust will:

Our Fundamental Principles are:

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